Our Story

Allen’s E-Bikes promise to deliver the highest quality E-Bikes and E-Motion products and accessories, with full warranty and service plans.
Our service and products are the very best for you the rider.


Mike and Dave (father and son) have worked very hard to locate and source the very best ranges of E-motion Bikes and personal travel solutions, to suit all budgets, with great warranty for peace of mind and with our in-house maintenance team you can purchase with confidence.
We promise, if you can find the same model of
E-Bike elsewhere, we will match the price.

Mike and Dave want to bring you the very best shopping experience with this family business, with a big chain confidence, but with a personal
1-2-1 experience.
Not only have we got a great selection of E-Bikes, we also pride ourselves on locating the very best in

outdoor gadgets and accessories.

We are sure that you will find our selection of products the best in town!


Dave Allen



I have been a professional magician for over 25 years, performing all over the world at private events, parties, cruise ships and theatres.
Always a very active person and have been a very keen cyclist since I was a child, I have participated in the London to Canterbury ride as well as the London to Brighton.


When the pandemic hit and the national lockdown in March 2020, all my entertainment business disappeared!!
(forgive the pun). I decided that I wanted to create a new business, so sharing a love of all things bike with my father decided to create Allen’s E-Bikes.

The E-Bike was a revelation for me, I had started to notice for a long while now, as I get older that my knees were not what they once were, and after a short while of riding a traditional pedal bike, that not only my knees were in pain, but a lot of my joints and back. When I first hired an E-Bike whilst on holiday, I was amazed at how long I had been riding and had no pains at all, yet I still felt energised from the exercise.

I believe that E-Bikes are the future, they are for everyone, young and old, once you try one out on a demonstration ride, I’m sure you will agree.
I am very passionate about bringing you our lovely customers the best prices and the best products, i have deovoted all my working hours and downtime to learning everything about E-Bikes, and completed many courses, including a certified cycle mechnics course.

I trully feel im an E-Motion Expert, and i personally test all our bikes before we agree to stock in our showroom, so you can buy with confidence as its also backed up with the best service and warranty.
I can’t wait to meet you in our new showroom, maybe I’ll even show you some magic if you ask nicely.


Mike Allen



I have been a successful business man for over 40 years, having owned and run companies. I have always strived for excellence in whatever I undertake.


When lockdown happened and I saw how this would effect Dave’s entertainment company I suggested that a business of the future would be E-Bikes. We then discussed the options of starting this venture.

My serious cycling started in 2017, having not cycled for about 25 years, I decided to take it up again, I went straight in the deep end and competed in the London to Brighton Charity Bike Ride. I completed the course in just over 5 hours. I had officially retired a year earlier.

In 2006 I had a realisation that I needed to lose weight and get fit, over the next 18 months I lost 4 stone and increased my fitness to a high level.

3 years after retiring and now a regular gym attendee I decided to train to become a Personal trainer as well as gym and indoor cycle instructor. I qualified in August 2019. I worked at Pure Gym until the lockdown and had taken various classes including spin and circuits. I took a 3 hour class for Sports Relief, and took the class for the whole 3 hours.

I have since ridden E-Bikes and am so impressed with their capabilities. I consider myself exceptionally fit for my age and find the challenge of a heavy incline a huge challenge and having the ability to choose the level of assistance gives me the freedom to tackle even more extreme hills, and go further for longer.

I am very excited to bring my passion and knowledge to Allen’s E-Bikes