Price Point

At the price point of £1299.99 there is nothing on the market that can come close to the specification of the Eovolt City bike for its RRP.


French Brand with European Manufacturing

Eovolt are based in the city of Bourges in France where they have their own manufacturing facility.

All production is performed in their own factory which provides a very tight quality control.

They are presently moving to a much larger facility in Lyon where they will be able to significantly increase production for the future.

We have found that consumers really like the fact that Eovolt is a European produced product and not something just shipped from China.


Ride Without Effort

The City bike has 5 levels of assistance driven through a 250w rear hub drive to help you easily ride up any hills on your route.

Levels 1-3 are for flat or rolling roads while levels 4 & 5 are at your disposal for when the road ramps up in front of you.

The City Bike has a range of 20-50km


Single Speed with 16” Wheels

The Eovolt City is a unique compact small E Bike with 16” wheels.

It is single speed with 5 levels of electric assistance. This makes it perfect for families, commuting/nipping round towns/and city’s, easily combining with other forms of transport if needed.

The single speed nature of the bike also means it is an out of the box product for the consumer, no gears to index or cycle mechanic skills needed.

You just fit the mudguards and rear rack which we have instructional videos for on the Eovolt UK website.


Seatpost Battery System

The Eovolt Bikes innovatively use the battery as the seat post which has a number of advantages.

Also Eovolt use high quality LG and Samsung batteries on their bikes which strengthens customer confidence in the quality of the product.

  • The bike has a clean stylish look with no battery strapped to it somewhere, in fact it doesn’t look like an e bike at all
  • Having the weight of the battery centrally directly below the rider makes the balance of the bike better to ride.
  • Easily remove the seat post to charge the battery without the need to take the bike to the socket.



With a nett weight of 14kgs the Eovolt City is one of the lightest folding electric bikes on the market.

Folding E bikes usually weigh between 20-25kgs ,similar weight bikes to the City tend to be £2500+.

The lightweight nature is popular with everyone but especially the motorhome market who tend to be mostly elderly retired people.



One of the great things with the City Bikes small compact nature is that with the adjustability of the handlebars and saddle I ride the City Bike at 6ft 1in and my 11 year old daughter can also fit on the bike.

This makes the bike the perfect solution for families.


Fold & Go

The bike can be pushed along in its folded form.

This is very useful when combining with other forms of transport like trams and trains.


It Folds in 10 Seconds

Extremely easy folding mechanism can be performed in as little as 10 seconds.

Fold it up when you get to the office, or to put on public transport, great if you have limited storage space at home, perfect for motorhomes and boats.


Computer with USB Port

The on board computer gives you all your basic information.

Speed, Average speed, ride length, odometer etc and it has a USB port so you can charge any device in an emergency from your seat post battery.