LITELOK GOLD Original | Boa Green

LITELOK GOLD Original | Boa Green


LITELOK GOLD Original | Boa Green 

Included in Purchase:

1x Litelok Gold bike lock 
2x Keys on a stainless steel cable keyring 
2x Hook & Loop WrapStraps for fixing to the frame 
1 X Euro Hook Header Card 
1 x User Instruction Leaflet

Integrated Lockstopper (Gold Wearable only) - The new quick release mechanism makes it simpler to securely fasten the Litelok around your body without locking. Retro-reflective elasticated safety cord helps you secure your lock in low light.

Sliding keyhole dust cover - Reduces dust ingress, and makes it easy to locate the keyhole in low light with the help of the high-contrast dust cover.

Coded keys - Every key is coded (Engraved) giving you peace of mind should you need a replacement. Ensure you register your product after purchase.

Stainless Steel locking cylinder - Durable and hard-wearing to keep your keys and lock cylinder corrosion free 

Length: 736mm 
Width (lock, the widest part): 65mm 
Width (strap): 50mm 
Diameter (locked state, widest point): 245mm