The Revos eBike kit




Revos | direct electric assist

Designed and assembled in Bristol, UK, this is version Revos 3 which benefits from:

  • Improved motor efficiency which leads to longer range and cool running.
  • Full three phase sinusoidal motor control leading to very quiet motor operation.
  • Ultra low resistance when the legal maximum of 15.5mph pedal assist speed is reached to improve the cycling experience.
  • Improved sensor light diagnostic light signals allowing the cyclist to confirm that the installation has been carried out correctly.
  • Drive roller with longer lasting RevoGrip composite coating to ensure effective power transfer in all weather conditions.


The Revos eBike kit contains all you need to make your bike an eBike.You can also purchase the battery or battery chargers on their on their own if you would like a spare one. Free shipping to the UK & EU.


Most bike trips, more than 95%, are for 4 miles or less. So Revos is designed for those journeys, to work, to the shops, down the pub. So Revos has a battery sized for those trips. 

It’s impossible to give an really accurate range for the Revos as there many variables: wind strength and direction, tyre pressure, type and size of tyre, bike weight, rider weight, fitness of rider, steepness of hills, how often you stop and start in traffic, whether you use the pedal assist all the time.

Having said that, in practice we’ve found that if you use electric assist all the time then for urban trips in hilly Bristol the battery will take you about 25 miles (40 km). Of course if you sometimes switch the power off, for instance going downhill, then the range will be greater.

The battery takes about two hours to charge to 80% from empty so if needs be you can recharge at work or over lunch using the small light charger provided.


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