Vacay-S” by Michael Blast (Special Order)


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The “Vacay-S” by Michael Blast, is a beautiful designed, vintage inspired electric bicycle.

Our 250 Watt model is 100% legal for use in UK and on all public roads and shared pathways and certified to comply with EN15194 certification.

With a POWERFUL 250 watt, geared brushless mid drive motor, the “Vacay-S”, gives you assistance when you need it the most! Against the wind and up hills conquer those pesky hills and afternoon headwinds in style.

The Vacay-S is the perfect electric bike for your daily commute, with a super efficient Samsungâ„¢ Lithium-Ion battery that can get you up to 50klm per charge, at 25+kph. Range depends on many factors such as up and down, rider’s weight, wind, stop and go traffic, outside temperature.

100% Legal to ride in UK and most EU roads.



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