Whippet lightweight E-Bike




The whippet eBike is light and nimble and a joy to ride. It’s fitted with an efficient, powerful 250W rear hub motor that’s smooth and super quiet. The whole eBike weighs 13.9kg, including the 200Wh battery. To enhance the riding experience top quality components have been used throughout with shifter, 7-speed rear derailleur, cassette and hydraulic disc brakes all by Shimano, along with a Brookes saddle and Schwalbe Marathon Greenguard tyres.

Size: Whippets only come in one size. The frame is unisex with the frame geometry giving a low stand over height of 77 cm. The bike is generally suitable for people from 1.65m (5ft 5in) to 1.83m (6ft 0in) tall. 





Your Whippet has been designed with lightness in mind, and weighs in at an impressive 13.9kg. Most ebikes are at least 18kg and many are as much as 28kg. That means that a lot of the power assist goes into moving the bike rather than the rider! It also means that if you run out of battery charge then its really difficult to ride the bike or even push it. That’s not the case with a Whippet, at around the weight of a bike range anxiety is not an issue, you can just pedal home!

The Whippets’ light weight also means that its a doddle putting it onto a bike rack or if you live in an upper floor flat. You want an ebike to make cycling easier and more fun, makes sense to get a light one, right?



Your Whippet has three power levels to allow you to choose the best one to suit road conditions, as well as how strong you are feeling. Power level one will gently assist you along and at the same time will save battery power to maximise your range. At the other end of the scale power level 3 will give you maximum assist to help you up steep hills and push you through headwinds. In between is power level 2 to give a balance of battery charge economy to level of assist. The power level is simply selected by pressing a button on the handlebar control. Unlike some ebikes, you can do this at any time, either when you are stationary or cycling along. In the same way you can also change the power level whilst cycling along. Because your Whippet is so light and well equipped you can enjoy cycling it without any power assist at all – this is the ultimate economy mode of course, to extend your range even further! 

Of course you can further control the speed of the eBike by using the derailleur gears.






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